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Market research can be the most critical factor in the success or failure of a business. PIONNIER provides fact based research from primary and industry recognized secondary sources. Our research practice helps companies gain valuable insights to identify and evaluate opportunities for growth in India. We offer research for:

India Entry Strategy

India entry strategy includes research and consulting services for understanding the market dynamics, assessing product/services capabilities and developing an entry strategy.

We offer industry analysis, market size and growth analysis, market segment analysis, competitive positioning, barriers to entry, risk analysis, Porter's five forces and SWOT analysis.

Also offer research for market access (distribution channels), product/service offerings including pricing, product differentiation, economic assessment and identify partners for a potential joint venture/alliance.

PIONNIER offers market entry plans for India across manufacturing and service sectors. The industries we are currently focused on are Automotive, White Goods, General Engineering and Retail/Consumer Products.

Manufacturing in India

Manufacturing in India includes regional, company and product cost analysis to identify low cost manufacturing firms for sourcing engineering components.

Our research includes company overview, products and services, management biography, financial overview, customer portfolio, competitive advantage and future growth plans.

We offer assistance in identifying manufacturing companies in India and developing vendors for all types of manufacturing processes including machining, casting, forgings, molding and raw materials including steel, aluminum, rubber, plastic and others.

Our expertise spans a broad range of manufacturing sectors including raw material suppliers, finished/semi-finished component manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Our research coupled with extensive work experience in the industry will help you in making better business decisions.

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PIONNIER Research performed a SWOT analysis on various clusters in India for manufacturing of castings, plastic injection & blow molding and sheet metal fabrication; examined the local tax structure and government incentives for establishing a manufacturing facility in India – EUR9.1bn manufacturer of home appliances


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